About Nhân Nguyễn

Hi there. I am Nhân Nguyễn. I live in Mountain View with my wife, our boy & girl, and I work for Google. I like maths, programming contests and startups. Once upon a time I grew up in Hanoi, then moved to Vancouver for college. Highlights of my career include: - Patrick Pichette (Google CFO) congrats my team launches, contributing directly to Google growth. - Spot bonus from Shravya Shetty for Web Answers launch on Google search. - Peer bonus from Manqi Zhao for Attention pipeline launch on Google search. - Peer bonus from Loredana Afanasiev for Quality Sessions launch on Google search. - Spot bonus from Ilya Netchitailo for Bulk Edit launch on Google Adwords. - Spot bonus from Mike Hochberg for Near Exact & Near Phrase launch on Google Adwords. - Spot bonus from Diane Tang for launching experiments on Google Ads Quality. - Made Chai Labs profitable with Gokul Rajaram and acquired by Facebook

From First World To Third

On September 18th 2002, I boarded a plane of Singaporean Airlines from my motherland Ha Noi, Viet Nam, a third world country to Vancouver Canada, a first world country. This was the easy path for me!

On December 20th 2013, I wrote a letter of Building bridges from Viet Nam to the World. And, I have been making connections between founders, angels & VCs ever since!

On August 12th 2015, I realized the problem that motivated me to work hard with Vietnamese entrepreneurs. The solution is well known in the book: Mass Flourishing by Dr Phelps as follow:

Abnormal profit = awesome entrepreneur + veteran investor

The solution is clear but no easy way to implement. So, I sincerely ask for your help so together we rebuild Viet Nam to be the pearl of South East Asia again!


Thinking outside the box!

Just bad advice!

We should find out how big the box we are in is more important. For example, physicists try to figure out whether we are in an universe or a multiverse. Once we know what box we are in, we can change the boundary of the box!

An example of bad thinking outside the box is to use “GMV” (gross merchandise volume) as revenue. If we did this, we would have a very bad time!